Wed By Deception(7)

By: Emilie Rose

Feeling sick, she wrapped her arms around her middle and turned away. Did no one love her more than money?

She’d thought Lucas had.


She’d believed him to be different from the hangers-on of her social circle who were only interested in what being with a Kincaid could get them.

Wrong again.

The knowledge made her feel small, insignificant and unwanted. And it hurt. God, it hurt. She’d loved Lucas enough to leave everything familiar and dear to her to be his wife.

And he’d betrayed her. He’d sold out.

Her father was right. Lucas had been her biggest mistake. And loving him and losing him had almost destroyed her.

“I wish you’d stayed dead.” She pressed her fingers to the throb in her left temple and frowned at him. “No, I don’t mean that. I just wish I’d never met you again. But let me tell you something, Lucas Stone. Choosing the money over me doesn’t make you special or unique. It just makes you one of many and someone I don’t want to know.”

She had to get rid of him. Her legs shook so badly she barely made it to the front door without collapsing. “Get out.”


“Get out. Before I call security.”

“They work for me. They’re not going to throw me out.” He closed the distance between them and stood toe to toe with her, looming over her. “Don’t blame me for your father’s machinations.”

“This has nothing to do with my father who is—was—without question an arrogant, manipulative, interfering ass, and I hope he’s roasting in hell at this moment. This is about you. You betrayed me. You chose money over me and you left me alone to grieve for you and our child. Do you know how close I came—”

She clamped down on the words. No, she would never give him that much power over her.

“You’re a selfish, sadistic prick, Lucas Stone. And I don’t ever want to see you again. Leave.”

He stared at her so long she thought she’d have to make good on her threat and call for help. Although who she’d call if building security wouldn’t help was uncertain. Maybe her brothers. No. She had to learn to deal with her own issues.

Finally Lucas brushed past her, shattering her heart all over again.

Because losing him to death hadn’t hurt nearly as much as knowing he’d willingly left her…

As if she didn’t matter.


L ucas Stone wanted to kill the devious SOB who’d stolen his wife from him. But with Everett Kincaid already dead vengeance was beyond reach.

Or was it?

Kincaid, the bastard, may have been the ax man, but his sons, Rand and Mitch, had been equally convinced that Lucas wasn’t good enough for their baby sister. They’d come to the wedding, but they’d made damned sure Lucas knew they were there to support Nadia and not because they approved of him.

Why give up an eleven-year vendetta when he could still have the satisfaction of proving the Kincaids had been wrong to write him off?

The clunk of the turning dead bolt lock jarred him clear down to his marrow. He stared at the door Nadia had slammed in his face. If anything, Nadia the woman was even more beautiful than the girl she’d been. Her hair was still a thick mass of shiny dark waves and her eyes were the same mesmerizing green, but her youthful softness had melted away to reveal exquisite bone structure. The kind of beauty that would never fade. Or so his mother had claimed after meeting her. His family had adored her—right up until she’d allegedly dumped him.

He didn’t doubt Nadia’s story. The shock and pain in her eyes had been too genuine. And it wasn’t as if Kincaid hadn’t tried to get rid of Lucas more than once before the wedding. Each time Lucas had been strong enough to resist.

But not that last time. Then he’d been weak. And he’d been afraid he’d become a burden to his already overtaxed mother, and he’d been pissed—seriously pissed—at Nadia and hurt by her apparent betrayal. He’d wanted to strike back in any way he could, and taking Kincaid’s money had seemed like the only way available.

What Lucas didn’t believe was Nadia’s fairy-tale garbage about Kincaid’s altruistic motives. If her father had arranged this meeting, it was to rub Lucas’s face in what he’d lost not to reunite them.

The question was how had Kincaid discovered Lucas owned this building? Admittedly, KingPin Electronics, the listed property owner, was the most visible of his companies, but he’d intentionally kept his name off the letterhead and executives list. As with most of his companies, he guided his staff through conference calls and orders to his CEOs but rarely made a physical appearance. He kept his face and name out of the press.

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