Pregnant On The Upper East Side?(55)

By: Emilie Rose

“Let me spend the rest of my life showing you how incredibly unique and special you are and why you’re perfect.”

“I’m far from perfect.”

“You’re perfect for me.”

Her eyes stung and happiness swelled within her until she thought she’d burst with it. “I do love you, Alex.”

He rose, came around the table. He took her hand, pulled her from her seat and into his arms. His lips brushed her forehead, her temple and finally her lips in a tender, lingering kiss. “Then say yes.”

“Yes.” How could she say anything else? Because as Alex had said, they were perfect for each other.

“Let’s go home and take that test. After we make love.”

She cupped his jaw in her hand, relishing his scent, his nearness, but mostly the love in his eyes. “And if making love takes all night?”

The naughty twinkle made her heart skip. “Then the test will wait. Because we’re going to be together regardless of the outcome.”

Alex led her toward the door. Amanda couldn’t keep the smile off her face. For the second time, Alex had shown her that she was right where she was supposed to be and with whom she was destined to spend the rest of her life.

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