Only on His Terms(57)

By: Elizabeth Bevarly

 He smiled again, a little less certainly this time. “So what do you say, Gracie? Will you marry me? Or should I have asked you sooner?”

 Well, he could have asked her sooner, she supposed. But it was never too late for something like this. Then again, with Harry’s money no longer a strain on her time, and with her starting a new job in a few months, and with Harrison just looking so gorgeous and being so wonderful...

 “Your timing is perfect,” she said.

 Just like you, she thought.

 “Just like you,” he said.

 “Just like us,” she amended.

 He smiled at that. As he removed the ring from the box, Gracie tugged the glove off her left hand. And when he slipped it over her third finger, it was... Well, it was perfect, too.

 “I love you, Gracie Sumner,” he said softly, pressing his forehead against hers.

 “I love you, Harrison Sage,” she replied.

 As the snow continued to swirl around them, and as he covered her mouth with his, Gracie couldn’t help thinking she’d been wrong about the clinic for which they’d just broken ground. It wasn’t the last recipient of all that Harry left behind. Because she’d just received the last—and best—part of that herself.

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