Becoming Dante(67)

By: Day Leclaire

 “So, I’m stuck with you?”

 He smiled down at her. Where before she’d been unable to catch any inkling of his innermost thoughts, now she saw a wealth of love and tenderness. “I’m afraid there’s no choice. You are stuck with me. At least until the deal is fully consummated.”

 “In fifty or sixty years?”

 “As you said, probably longer.”

 Slowly, she formed a fist with her hand, curling her index finger. He mimicked the gesture, linked their fingers together. “I love you, Gabe Moretti,” she whispered.

 “I love you, too, Kat Moretti. I think I have from the moment we first touched. I know I have since the moment I made love to you.” He feathered a kiss across her mouth. “Do you agree to my demands?”

 Her eyes fluttered closed and she pursued the kiss, deepened it. “Without question.”

 He pulled back a tantalizing few inches and offered a teasing smile. “Now for our final problem.”

 “Which is?”

 He cupped her abdomen. “What to name our baby.”

 She slid her hand on top of his, this time linking all their fingers. “You really think I’m pregnant?”

 “According to the Dantes, there’s a very real possibility.”

 “So what do you want to name him? Nonna said it was a boy,” she hastened to add.

 Gabe hesitated, abruptly serious. Very serious. “Primo made a suggestion on our wedding day.”

 It only took her a moment to make the connection. “That conversation you had when Francesca and I went upstairs?”


 “What name did he want us to consider?”

 “Dante.” For an instant Gabe’s voice failed him. “Only, he wasn’t suggesting it for a first name, but for a last. He asked if I’d consider taking his name, either by legally changing it or through adoption.”

 “Oh, Gabe.” Her heart broke for him. She knew at one point in his life, he’d have given anything for his father to have done that for him. “What did you say?”

 The sun rose in his eyes, turning them a shattering gold. Before, a shadow had always tarnished their brilliance. But no longer. He gathered her hand in his so their palms bumped together, then melded, Inferno against Inferno. Heat rushed through them, a sweetness and joy that eclipsed all that had led them to this moment.

 “Assuming you have no objections,” Gabe replied. “I said we’d be honored to become Dantes.”

 “You won’t become a Dante just because you change your name.” She drew him down for another slow, thorough kiss. “You were born a Dante, Gabe. You always have been and you always will be. Just as you always have been and always will be my Inferno mate.”

 He pulled her close and held on tight. “Just as you always have been and always will be my Heart’s Desire.”

 The snow fell outside their window, a blanket of purity surrounding a heart of warmth. Christmas had arrived early. And its gift was the return of faith and unwavering trust. It had led them to each other. To a family they’d always longed to know. To a bright and shining future with the promise of a son. A son who’d experience his Dante legacy and bear the name Dante from the day of his birth.

 It had started as a faint, wavering spark, one that had caught, held, becoming an Inferno. But at its heart of hearts, becoming something far more.

 Becoming Dante.

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