The Rebel Daughter(91)

By: Lauri Robinson

“Except for the fact I haven’t asked your father’s permission.”

She stretched on her toes to plant a brief kiss on Forrest’s lips. “He’ll say yes. He likes you. He always has.” A flutter happened in her belly, and she bit down on her bottom lip.

“What?” Forrest asked, frowning.

“What about your mother?”

He kissed her forehead and then took her hand. Once they started walking again, he said, “My mother already knows. I told her in California that I was in love with you, and now that Galen is once and for all behind bars, I was going to ask you to marry me.”

Twyla stopped in her tracks. “You did?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Why am I the last to know?”

“The last to know?”

“Yes.” They’d arrived at the beach facing the resort, and she waved a hand. “Josie knew you were in love with me, your mother knew you were in love with—” Forrest’s kiss stopped her short.

“You knew I was in love with you,” he said before kissing her again.

She pushed at his chest, but only after accepting another full kiss. “No, I didn’t.” He was kissing her neck now and she was growing a little fuzzy-headed. “I’d hoped, but I didn’t know.”

“Now you do.” He lifted her chin. “But I think, if you think really hard, you’ll realize you always knew. You just wanted something to be mad at Norma Rose about. You two have always needed something to argue about.”

Twyla tried to be mad, but it was impossible. “You may be right. But you never had to live with her. From the time you left until Ty arrived, she was gnarly.”

He flicked her nose. “And you were a brat.”

She spun around and started walking to where she’d left her stockings.

Laughter followed her. “Not going to admit that one?”

“There’s nothing to admit,” she said.

He caught her around the waist and pulled her back against him. “You were always a brat, but I loved you anyway.”

She leaned her head back against him and folded her arms around the ones holding her tight. Her world was so perfect nothing mattered. Gazing up at the clear blue sky, she said, “Tell me about your airmail route. When will it start?”

“I don’t have the contract yet,” he said.

“You will,” she said, believing in him fully. “You will.”

He kissed her temple. “With you at my side, everything’s possible.”

“You’d better believe it,” she said.

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